Regarding the Business Consulting we provide a wide range of business and development solutions to new and existing businesses. We are focused.

We focus on your requirements and adjust our services accordingly. To help you achieve increased productivity and better business organization, we provide the following services:

◊ Strategic consulting: ▫ advice for managers; ▫ business strategy; ▫ IT strategy.

◊ Marketing and sales: ▫ marketing strategy; ▫ marketing implementation program; ▫ training in sales and support.

◊ Product / service development: ▫ product / service planning; ▫ packaging of the product / service; ▫ methodology of development.

◊ Improving processes and organization: ▫ redesigning the process; ▫ improving the efficiency of the organization.

◊ Financial services: ▫ financial planning; ▫ financial due diligence; ▫ Selection of funding sources in accordance with the development phase.

Our consulting services are directed to provide you with guidance and recommendations at every step in the decision-making process. From the concept of business planning, through various strategies, technology choices, design, improvements, migrations and operational performances, our technical expertise and managerial capabilities provide comprehensive business solutions

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