The projects integrated into this group are the basis for the development of the whole GREEN TRIANGLE.

The first group of projects are projects related to the production of energy from renewable sources.
This group of projects represents the most demanding financial implementation phase, but also the Integrated Design Concept provides the first positive assessment of the efficiency, effectiveness, environmental impact, sustainability and relevance of the project in the context of the set objectives.
This group of projects defines the direction in which we are moving, green energy gives us the fundamental basis for the development of the green industry.
These conceptual and related projects represent a unique concept in Europe, and more widely, and fully meet the conditions for co-financing from the European Funds.


Who Are We

We are the green triangle An international group of independent experts, exceptional individuals, scientists, advanced entrepreneurs and parts of the wider scientific community gathered at:

Green is a color of nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness and fertility. Green has a great emotional connection with security. Green has a healing power. It is known as the calmest color to the human eye, and can even improve vision, and it also works calming for people. Green suggests stability and durability. Green is directly related to nature, and is mainly used to designate ‘green’ (ecological) categories.

The triangle is a symbol of the great triad in which the sky, the earth, and the man are united. Reflecting philosophically, one can speak of metaphysical unity. In certain cultures, the Triangle symbolizes the energy of the body, the beginning and the end. The triangle represents the unity of physical, emotional, and mental, and calls for the unification of opposites.

Our vision
Seeing what’s invisible to others!
Our mission
Encouraging transformation!
Our motto
Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler!
Our goal
Connecting people, nature and profit!
Our concept
It represents a set of self-sustainable projects that form a whole based on interconnectedness and complementarity, through sustainable use of natural resources, traditional heritage, sustainable use of protected cultural heritage, sustainable development through application and development of new technologies, applying in practice the latest economic achievements on the ground and the principles of cyclical economy .

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