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Company for Sale – “Sunnah Product, Bosnia”

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Sunnah Product – From craft to production

Founded in late 2005, the motive was to provide high-quality black cumin (Nigella sativa)  oil. The trust of our customers encouraged us to begin with its production, as well as the production of preparations that effectively help prevent and treat many diseases. We wish to share our experiences in treatment, as well as experiences from the East, with you. In addition to the cities of the Una-Sana Canton and the whole of BiH, the quality was confirmed by numerous buyers from neighboring countries: Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland and others.
By starting production, we received less oil prices than import and up to 45%, and at the same time we followed the standard positive manufacturing practice to get the security to give a guarantee on our product. Unlike many countries, food regulations in BiH are very strict, so we need to keep in mind all the permits our company has as reference.In particular, we want to emphasize that our oils are filtered and packaged in cobalt-colored bottles, unlike oil that is imported into plastic containers. We have seen that buyers on the market give confidence in sales at stands (“under the hand”) and our goal is to gain an increasing number of customers. At the same time, we want to promote domestic production and persist as domestic producers. Professors from Bio Technical Faculty in Bihac among the last ones who showed us their trust.Why Sunnah ProductLicense issued by the Federal Ministry of Health for the production of food additives, dietary products, crude oils License of the Federal Ministry of Health for the production of cosmetics with special purpose Decision of the Federal Ministry of Health on the registration of each product. License of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and registration of a facility for production of honey and bee products. Constant control of veterinary control of an authorized veterinary station. Supervision of a permanently employed food industry technologist. Regular official and internal analyzes of all input and output materials – raw materials and products, periodic inspections and regular and extraordinary inspection surveillance with all positive grades so far.

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